Custom Solutions for an Electrifying Boating Experience

Helping boat builders to provide clients with electrifying boating experiences.

We manufacture integrated high-power electric drives to take your clients further, in comfort.

BEDEO Marine

Go Further, in More Comfort

Our technology electrifies your boating experience:

Be Silent – Being on the water without noise and vibration is a gamechanger.
Be Smart – Intelligent systems for power efficiency and control. Charge while you sleep, and safe time and money related to maintenance and refueling.
Be Clean – Just enjoy nature without jeopardizing the ecosystem.

Enjoy your time on the water more, eliminate emissions and benefit from substantially reduced running costs and worries about maintenance. Always have sufficient energy on board to enjoy silent days and nights on anchor.

Charging Time 0-100%
1 Phase Marina / Home: 10-20 hours
3 Phase Marina / Public or private Charging Point: 3-10 hours
Fast Charging: 1.5 hour

Battery System 
75 kWh battery pack is scalable with customized packaging  


6- 9 Km/h: Max 180km / 30 hours  
11-20 km/h: Max 110 km / 10 hours

The electric motor provides 60 kW (100 HP equivalent) continuous power and 650 NM torque with scalable power solutions

A High-Performance Electric Drivetrain

BEDEO Marine develops and integrates electric high-power drives for the optimal boating experience. Our powertrain is designed and engineered entirely in-house, using the best components and our unique E-motor technology.

BEDEO Marine is a fully custom solution:

Your choice of shape and size of the battery pack, desired propulsion power and software to optimize the experience. 

Scalable energy storage system. 

Custom charging solutions.

Full production, integration and warranty of the entire powertrain ensuring maximum reliability and convenience by BEDEO Marine.