Build Electric

Our integrated turnkey electrification solutions can be developed for any kind of electric vehicle on land, sea or air.

Design, Develop, Homologate

We are experienced builders of electric powertrains (drivetrain + battery) and experts at integrating our electric powertrains into any vehicle. Once we have agreed to the performance parameters of your electrified vehicle, we design and develop the system to match your needs. After building and validating several prototypes we will homologate your final electric vehicle for the markets in which you operate.

Contract Manufacture

With your vehicle approved and homologated we then produce to your needs in small runs or large batches, with full technical and legal compliance included as part of the package.

Technical Support

As well as developing and building vehicles we of course provide lifetime service support. We also offer a broad range of finance options, ranging from cash purchase to sophisticated fleet finance modelling.

Auxiliary Systems

All customers (including resale customers) can benefit from our auxiliary systems original manufacturing. We build our own battery packs and charging infrastructure, as well as cable harness, so when either replacements or upgrades are needed you can obtain them directly from the original maker of your vehicle.