Drive Electric

Our 100% electric vehicles serve a wide variety of applications for transporting cargo and passengers.

 All our vehicles are built to meet the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability. This is underlined by our factory warranty and the EU type approval certification.


Sales, Rental & Financing

Our clients can either buy the complete vehicle, rent the complete vehicle or buy the vehicle and rent the battery. We offer long term operational-rental options in various locations (60 – 96 months). Please contact one of our dealers for further information.

After Sales, Maintenance

Thanks to the simplicity and long life of electric vehicles our journey with customers only begins at the point of purchase. Because transitioning to a new technology is easier with a little help, whether for drivers or fleet managers, we are always available for advice and support. Throughout the life of our vehicles we partner our clients with after-sales support and maintenance to ensure we continue to meet their needs and that their operations run smoothly.


We are all used to charging our phones and laptops, but charging your van is a new idea, one we’re keen to make easy and commonplace. With our expertise you can be sure of getting the right charging kit installed and serviced, whether by us or by recommended partners.

Training & Customisation

As a manufacturer with in-house expertise in our field we are able to customise vehicles to any specification. We can also provide documentation and training to in-house technical teams responsible for day-to-day maintenance and repairs.